Super Stroke Putter Grip: All You Need To Know
When it comes to golf, the putter is often hailed as the most critical club in the bag. After all, it's the one we use on nearly every hole, tasked with those all-important final strokes to sink the ball into the cup. So, it's no surprise that golfers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their putting game. Enter the Super Stroke putter grip – a game-changing innovation in the world of golf equipment.

What Is a Super Stroke Putter Grip?

Super Stroke Putter Grip

What Sets Super Stroke Grips Apart?

Super Stroke grips have gained widespread acclaim for their innovative design and exceptional performance. What makes them stand out from the crowd? Let’s delve into their unique features:

Non-Tapered Design: Unlike traditional putter grips, which taper towards the end, Super Stroke grips maintain a consistent diameter throughout their length. This non-tapered design promotes a more even pressure distribution in the hands, leading to greater stability and control during the putting stroke.

Oversized Profile: Super Stroke grips are renowned for their larger-than-average size. This oversized profile serves multiple purposes: it minimizes hand and wrist movement, reduces grip pressure, and encourages a smoother, more pendulum-like putting motion. The added surface area also promotes a more relaxed grip, which can be beneficial for golfers prone to tension in their hands.

Variety of Sizes: One size does not fit all when it comes to putter grips. Super Stroke offers a range of grip sizes to cater to golfers of all hand dimensions and preferences. Whether you prefer a slim, midsize, or oversized grip, there’s a Super Stroke option to suit your needs.

Innovative Materials: Super Stroke grips are crafted from high-quality materials engineered to deliver optimal performance and durability. The materials used provide a comfortable yet secure grip, ensuring confidence and consistency on every putt.

How Do They Differ from Traditional Putter Grips?

Traditional putter grips, characterized by their tapered design and relatively small size, have been a staple in the golfing world for decades. While they certainly have their merits, Super Stroke grips offer several distinct advantages:

Enhanced Stability: The non-tapered, oversized profile of Super Stroke grips provides golfers with enhanced stability and control, allowing for smoother, more accurate putting strokes.

Reduced Wrist Breakdown: One common issue among golfers is excessive wrist movement during the putting stroke, which can lead to inconsistency and missed putts. Super Stroke grips help minimize wrist breakdown, promoting a more stable and repeatable stroke.

Improved Consistency: By encouraging a more relaxed grip and minimizing hand and wrist movement, Super Stroke grips help golfers achieve greater consistency on the greens. Consistency is key in putting, and Super Stroke grips are designed to help golfers find their rhythm and groove on the putting surface.

Advantages of Using Super Stroke Putter Grips

Super Stroke Putter Grip

Enhanced Stability and Control

One of the standout features of Super Stroke putter grips is their oversized profile. Unlike traditional grips, which are typically slender and tapered, Super Stroke grips boast a larger diameter, providing golfers with a more substantial grip surface. This extra surface area translates to enhanced stability and control during the putting stroke.

When your hands have more to hold onto, it’s easier to maintain a consistent grip pressure throughout the stroke. This consistency is crucial for keeping the putter face square to the target line, reducing the likelihood of mishits and off-center strikes. With a Super Stroke grip, golfers can feel confident knowing they have a stable foundation from which to execute their putting stroke.

Reduced Wrist Breakdown During the Putting Stroke

Another advantage of Super Stroke putter grips is their ability to minimize wrist breakdown during the putting stroke. Wrist movement is a common source of inconsistency in putting, as excessive wrist action can lead to off-line putts and missed opportunities.

The larger size and non-tapered design of Super Stroke grips help to limit wrist movement by promoting a more pendulum-like motion. With less opportunity for the wrists to hinge and rotate, golfers can achieve a smoother, more controlled putting stroke. This reduction in wrist breakdown translates to greater accuracy and precision on the greens, helping golfers hole more putts and lower their scores.

Improved Consistency on the Greens

Consistency is the holy grail of putting. Golfers strive to replicate their putting stroke time and time again, regardless of the pressure or situation. Super Stroke putter grips play a significant role in achieving this consistency by providing a stable and repeatable platform for the hands.

With a Super Stroke grip, golfers can develop a consistent feel and rhythm in their putting stroke, leading to improved performance on the greens. Whether it’s maintaining a steady grip pressure, minimizing wrist movement, or achieving a repeatable tempo, Super Stroke grips help golfers dial in their putting game and sink more putts with confidence.

Choosing the Right Super Stroke Grip Size

When it comes to selecting the perfect putter grip, size matters. Super Stroke offers a range of grip sizes to cater to golfers of all hand dimensions and preferences. Let’s delve into how you can choose the right Super Stroke grip size for your game:

Understanding the Different Sizes Available

Super Stroke offers several grip sizes, each denoted by a numerical designation. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common sizes:

  1. Tour 1.0: This is the slimmest grip option offered by Super Stroke, ideal for golfers who prefer a thinner grip profile. The Tour 1.0 provides a traditional feel with a smaller diameter, allowing for precise control and feedback.
  2. Tour 2.0: Slightly larger than the Tour 1.0, the Tour 2.0 strikes a balance between slimness and stability. It offers a slightly larger diameter for those who desire a bit more grip surface without sacrificing too much feel.
  3. Tour 3.0: The Tour 3.0 is one of Super Stroke’s most popular grip sizes. It provides a larger diameter compared to the Tour 2.0, offering enhanced stability and control. The Tour 3.0 is favored by golfers who seek a comfortable grip with ample surface area.
  4. Tour 5.0: As the name suggests, the Tour 5.0 is the largest grip size available from Super Stroke. It features a significantly larger diameter, providing maximum grip surface and stability. The Tour 5.0 is well-suited for golfers who prefer an oversized grip for a more substantial feel in their hands.

How to Match Grip Size to Your Hand Dimensions

Choosing the right grip size involves finding the balance between comfort, control, and personal preference. Here’s how you can match the grip size to your hand dimensions:

Hand Size: Start by assessing the size of your hands. Golfers with larger hands may find the Tour 3.0 or Tour 5.0 more comfortable, as these sizes offer more surface area to grip onto. Conversely, golfers with smaller hands may prefer the Tour 1.0 or Tour 2.0 for a snugger fit.

Preference for Feel: Consider your preference for grip feel. Do you prefer a thinner grip that provides more feedback from the putter head (e.g., Tour 1.0 or Tour 2.0), or do you prefer a larger grip that offers increased stability and control (e.g., Tour 3.0 or Tour 5.0)? Experimenting with different grip sizes can help you determine which one feels most natural and comfortable for your putting stroke.

Putting Stroke Style: Take into account your putting stroke style. Golfers with a more wrist-dominant stroke may benefit from a larger grip size, such as the Tour 3.0 or Tour 5.0, to help minimize wrist breakdown and promote a smoother stroke. On the other hand, golfers with a more arm and shoulder-driven stroke may prefer a slimmer grip size for increased feel and feedback.

Grip Model Core Size(Inches) Diameter(Inches) Weight(Ounces) Material
Traxion Tour 0.580 1.30 85 Polyurethane
Traxion Pistol 0.580 1.25 75 Polyurethane
Legacy 2.0 0.580 1.20 50 Polyurethane
Ultra Slim 0.580 1.00 45 Polyurethane
Flatso 1.0 0.580 1.10 55 Polyurethane
Mid Slim 2.0 0.580 1.25 65 Polyurethane
Legacy 3.0 0.580 1.30 70 Polyurethane
Traxion Wrap 0.580 1.30 95 Polyurethane
Flasto 2.0 0.580 1.20 60 Polyurethane
Pistol GT 2.0 0.580 1.20 60 Polyurethane

–Standard Series–

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Congratulations on choosing a Super Stroke putter grip to enhance your putting game! Now, let’s ensure you know how to install and maintain your grip properly for optimal performance and longevity.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Super Stroke Grip

  • Gather Your Tools: Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools on hand. You’ll need double-sided grip tape, grip solvent (or rubbing alcohol), a utility knife or grip cutter, a hook blade, and a vice or putter grip station.
  • Prepare the Putter Shaft: Remove the old grip from your putter using the utility knife or grip cutter. Clean the shaft thoroughly to remove any residue from the old grip tape.
  • Apply Grip Tape: Cut a piece of double-sided grip tape to the length of your putter grip. Ensure it covers the entire length of the shaft where the grip will be installed. Remove the backing from the tape to expose the adhesive.
  • Apply Solvent (or Rubbing Alcohol): Pour a small amount of grip solvent (or rubbing alcohol if solvent is not available) into the grip hole of the new Super Stroke grip. Swirl it around to coat the interior of the grip.
  • Slide On the Grip: Slide the grip onto the shaft while the solvent is still wet. Use a twisting motion to help it slide on smoothly and evenly.
  • Position the Grip: Align the grip with your desired orientation, such as aligning any markings to your preferred position. Ensure the grip is straight before proceeding.
  • Secure in a Vice or Grip Station: If you have access to a vice or putter grip station, secure the putter so that the grip is held firmly in place. This will ensure the grip stays in the correct position as it dries.
  • Let It Dry: Allow the grip to dry and set for the recommended time as per the grip solvent manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, this takes a few hours.
  • Trim Excess Grip Tape: After the grip has fully dried, use a hook blade or sharp knife to trim off any excess grip tape at the top of the grip.
  • Final Adjustments: Check the alignment of your grip one last time to ensure it’s in your preferred position. Make any final adjustments as needed.

Proper Care and Maintenance for Longevity

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean your Super Stroke grip with a mild soap and water solution to remove dirt and grime. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the grip’s material.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Store your putter in a moderate temperature environment to prevent the grip from deteriorating due to extreme heat or cold.
  • Inspect Regularly: Periodically inspect your grip for signs of wear or damage, such as cracks, tears, or loss of texture. Replace the grip if necessary to maintain optimal performance.

By following these installation and maintenance tips, you can ensure that your Super Stroke putter grip remains in top condition, providing you with the stability and control you need to sink more putts on the green.

Impact of Super Stroke Putter Grips on Putting Technique

Super Stroke putter grips have revolutionized the way golfers approach their putting strokes. With their non-tapered design and innovative features, these grips can significantly impact your putting technique, leading to improved performance on the greens. Let’s explore how these grips affect your putting stroke and some tips for maximizing their benefits:

Super Stroke Putter Grip

Non-Tapered Design

One of the key features of Super Stroke putter grips is their non-tapered design. Unlike traditional putter grips that taper from top to bottom, Super Stroke grips maintain a consistent diameter throughout their length. This design choice has several implications for your putting stroke:

  • Enhanced Stability: The non-tapered design promotes a more consistent grip pressure and hand position throughout the stroke. This stability helps prevent unwanted wrist movement and promotes a smoother, more controlled putting motion.
  • Reduced Tension: With a consistent grip diameter, golfers can experience reduced tension in their hands and wrists during the putting stroke. This allows for a more relaxed and natural motion, leading to improved feel and touch on the greens.
  • Improved Alignment: The uniform grip diameter can also aid in alignment, as golfers can easily position their hands in the same spot on the grip for every putt. This consistency helps ensure that the putter face is square to the target line at impact, leading to more accurate putts.

Tips for Adapting Your Stroke

To maximize the benefits of a Super Stroke putter grip and adapt your stroke accordingly, consider the following tips:

  1. Maintain Light Grip Pressure: With the enhanced stability provided by the grip, there’s less need to grip the putter tightly. Instead, focus on maintaining a light grip pressure throughout the stroke to promote a smooth, flowing motion.
  2. Focus on Shoulder Rotation: To minimize wrist movement, emphasize shoulder rotation in your putting stroke. Use your shoulders to control the backswing and follow-through, keeping your wrists quiet and stable.
  3. Practice Distance Control: With the improved feel and touch provided by the grip, spend time practicing distance control on the practice green. Develop a consistent rhythm and tempo in your stroke to dial in your speed control and distance consistency.
  4. Experiment with Grip Sizes: Super Stroke offers a range of grip sizes to suit different preferences and hand sizes. Experiment with different sizes to find the one that feels most comfortable and promotes the desired putting stroke.

Current Trends and Future Innovations in Super Stroke Putter Grips

Super Stroke has long been at the forefront of putter grip technology, continuously innovating to improve golfers’ performance on the greens. Let’s explore the latest trends and innovations in Super Stroke putter grips, as well as predictions for future advancements in grip technology:

Exploring the Latest Super Stroke Models

One of the most exciting developments in Super Stroke’s lineup is the introduction of new models such as the Zenergy 2.0 PT and Zenergy Tour 3.0. These grips build upon Super Stroke’s legacy of quality and innovation, offering golfers even more options to enhance their putting performance.

  • Zenergy 2.0 PT: This model represents the next evolution of Super Stroke putter grips, featuring advanced materials and design elements aimed at improving stability and feel. The Zenergy 2.0 PT is designed to provide golfers with maximum control and feedback, allowing for a more consistent and confident putting stroke.
  • Zenergy Tour 3.0: Building on the success of previous Tour models, the Zenergy Tour 3.0 is engineered to meet the demands of elite golfers seeking uncompromising performance. With its sleek design and premium materials, this grip offers enhanced stability and control, making it the preferred choice of many tour professionals.

Predictions for Upcoming Advancements

Looking ahead, the future of grip technology holds exciting possibilities for golfers of all skill levels. Here are some predictions for upcoming advancements in Super Stroke putter grips and grip technology in general:

  • Enhanced Materials: As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see Super Stroke incorporating new materials into their grip designs. These materials may offer benefits such as improved durability, enhanced feel, and even customizable weight distribution to cater to individual preferences.
  • Smart Grip Technology: With the rise of smart devices and sensors in golf equipment, there’s potential for Super Stroke to develop grips with built-in technology to provide real-time feedback on putting performance. Imagine a grip that tracks your stroke metrics and offers personalized insights to help you improve your putting game.
  • Customization Options: As golfers increasingly seek personalized equipment to suit their preferences and playing style, Super Stroke may offer more customization options for their grips. This could include choices in grip size, color, texture, and even personalized logos or graphics.


In the competitive world of golf, every stroke matters, especially on the green. Super Stroke putter grips offer a revolutionary solution to enhance your putting performance. With their innovative designs, these grips provide stability, control, and consistency, giving golfers of all levels the edge they need to succeed.

Choosing the right Super Stroke grip size is crucial, ensuring a comfortable fit and optimal performance tailored to your hand dimensions and putting style. Proper installation and maintenance further ensure longevity and peak performance from your grip, guaranteeing that it remains a reliable tool in your golfing arsenal.

The impact of Super Stroke grips on putting technique is undeniable, with their non-tapered design promoting smoother strokes and reducing wrist breakdown. By adapting your technique to maximize the benefits of these grips, you can unlock your true putting potential and elevate your game to new heights.

As Super Stroke continues to innovate and introduce new models, the future looks promising for golfers seeking to improve their putting. With advancements in materials and technology, the possibilities are endless, offering even greater customization and performance-enhancing features.

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